Tuesday, October 6, 2009

31 for 21... Day 6

This is a picture of Malachi and his best friend Bryson. Bryson is the son of Josh and I's bet friends, Amanda and Will. Amand, Will, Josh and I all met the same weekend in high school at a youth group retreat. We ended up forming a friendship that is unlike any other we have. We were matron of honor and best man in their wedding, as they were in ours. We cherish our friendship and are so excited that we have children the same age. Malachi is 1 month older than Bryson, believe it or not. I wanted to do a post on friendship, and what better than the friendship between Malachi and Bryson. I know, I know, they are still so young. But I am confident that they will grow up learning from one another and when they are old enough, I am sure they will pick up chicks together and play jokes on their dads together.

Malachi and Bryson's friendship will be unique. The reason being that Malachi has Down syndrome, and Bryson does not. The two could not be more opposite in every sense of the word but the joy we see in their faces when they are together tears down the walls of difference and builds up the windows of love. Malachi will teach Bryson to be accepting and loving towards all. And Bryson will teach Malachi that he can do anything he puts his mind to and that he is perfect just the way he is. This friendship will blossom into a beautiful flower and we, as their parents, can't wait to tend the ground and plant the seeds for this flower to grow. We will water it along the way and provide stability when the winds blow. And when the time is right we will stand back and watch this flower thrive. There is nothing more beautiful than a friendship that lasts.


Will, Amanda, and Bryson Bosco's said...

First: they WILL NOT be playing jokes on us. I think I can speak for Josh here and say this.
Second: I do cherish you guys and Mali will be able to teach Bryson how to accept others so much better than I could.
Third: I just really love that picture!
Fourth: Sunday is going to be awesome!

Lacey said...

That is the cutest picture ever. What a great friendship they will have forever.

Kristin said...

GREAT picture!

Emily said...

What a darling picture of two cute boys! So glad you all have each other!