Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mommy knows best...part 2

 I walked in the meeting room to a group of people who truly love my child. We laughed as we shared stories from the past year and I cried as each team member shared Malachi's triumphs and what he still needs to work on. Malachi is not just another child in the class, he is the heart and soul. His personality infectious, his smile warms your heart. When Malachi is absent the class feels it. I am a proud mom.

The meeting itself went better than expected. He is progressing and has made some huge gains over the past year. We discussed PT, OT and Speech, his desire to please adults and his love of books. Extended school year was recommended and we quickly agreed to it. Every aspect of the meeting was perfect, we were a team doing our best to figure out the best possible environment for Malachi to succeed and I believe we did it perfectly.

He will continue the next school year in Early Childhood. He will work towards his new goals and grow as a person. We all feel that this is the best option for him right now. I am please and at peace with our decision.

Way to go little man, mommy is so very proud!!

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