Thursday, March 17, 2011


I apologize for the last post. I thought I saved it as a draft....but apparently not. Woops.

Anyways...We had Malachi's appointment yesterday with the GI specialist. He said that since his liver function was all within the normal limits, there is really nothing we can do now for the Hep C. He did drawl more blood to test it again so we will see if he gets another positive results or not. If it is positive, we will continue to check his liver enzymes every 2 years and until we see his liver function decrease we will do nothing. Usually Hep C complications will not show up for 20+ years.

This weekend we will be joining our new PT at a NDT training. She asked if Elijah could be her model for the day! hehe, we get to spend an hour therapy session with our PT and the speaker at the conference. Very excited about it! There is also talk about getting Eli a Benik Vest since he struggles with supporting his trunk. We will be trying it in PT on monday, if it seems to be helping, we are going to order one!

On a side not, Ive been horrible at taking pictures lately. My mission tonight is to get some good ones of the boys!! Hope you all have a wonderful st. Patties day!

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