Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a Week!

I'll admit. I've been in a blogging slump. So much to say but no desire to do so. Call it what you will.

Regardless, I feel the need to post something...anything. So here goes nothing....

On Monday we had Malachi's IFSP meeting. It went better than expected. There was absolutely no arguments and not once did I have to disagree. Unheard of, I know. I am oh so thankful that it went smoothly. We have CUT BACK Malachi's PT and OT from twice a week each, to once a week each!! We all feel his recovery from his stroke has been magnificent and that we don't need to keep up with the extra therapy! Woo hoo, this tickled me pink! We also decided that when spring comes he will have land PT twice a month and aqua PT twice a month! So excited about this, as I know he will LOVE it!! I also found out that we will soon be having his transition meeting (probably Feb.)! Yikes. This took me by surprise and brought tears rolling down my face! I am so not ready to put him on the bus and send him to school 4 days a week!

In other news, Malachi was taken off his Reglan. His pediatrician felt the risks out weighed the benefits and he has been on it for over a year! We are pleasantly surprised that his reflux seems to be better and we have had very few issues. We are planning on keeping him off of any reflux meds from here on out!

Hope we you have a blessed weekend. We will be busy celebrating birthdays (joshes mom and grandpa), making Christmas cookies and attending an ugly Christmas sweater party. Oh and did I forget to mention more snow and bitterly cold weather? Moving someplace warm always looks good this time of year!


Tara said...

I've missed your blogging. Sounds like things are good! I am seriously rethinking the whole "all kids with Ds must attend preschool @ 3yo" thing. But, then, I'm a homeschooler and tend to be a bit of a rebel. I'm just not sure the research (what little I can find) supports that massive leap of ripping our kids from their mommas at such an early age. :)

EN said...

Oh these boys are absolutely adorable! Why must the IFSP's always be combative? I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets heated over the services provided to my child. Maybe I'm super defensive but we have to fight for these kids to have every available resource. We cannot allow our kiddos to be overlooked or dismissed. Good for you!