Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All the rage


Seemingly so simple, in reality, it's not at all.

Many. Many. Many things need to be just so before one can balance on their bum.

Tummy muscles must be toned to perfection. Ribs must be descended.

And your mind must be in tip top shape to accomplish such a great feat. It's no walking on a wire, but one sudden move may send you falling through the air to your most certain death.

Risky is an understatement.

But with a mind as sharp as Mr. Miyagi and abs like The Situation, Elijah is ready.

Without further adieu...

The amazing, the talented... Elijah! Yes, his smile says it all! 


Hewett Happenings said...

The smile DOES say it all! He is so proud of himself. Way to go Elijah!!

larag1028 said...

Congratulations Elijah! That is awesome! Love your sweet smile!

Lacey said...

Yeah!! What a big boy! Too cute!