Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've got a plan

So yesterday I posted that I was going on a break. It didn't last long, I know. In the past 24 hours some things have been reviled to me. My heart is breaking.

I was on the Reece's Rainbow site and fell in love with this sweet girl.
Meet Maeve. She will he a year old on January 6th. Her sweet little face melted my heart. I'm in love and at the same time I am sick. Sickened to think that her first birthday will be spent in an orphanage, with no family or friends to spoil her with love, no cake and ice cream, no hugs or kisses, no one will sing her Happy Birthday, for her it will be just another day. What will we be doing on January 6th? Most likely recovering from a Christmas full of delicious food and an overabundance of new things. Perhaps recovering from a New Years Eve party full of memories surrounded by the ones you love. But Maeve will just be, laying in a crib completely unaware of a life outside the walls of the orphanage. This crushes my heart. It's not fair. I feel God gently tugging on my heart, asking me to do more than just hurt for these children. Im committing to pray over each of the waiting children on the Reece's Rainbow site each week. Im praying that God opens doors, moves mountains and creates a group of people in my life that will join us in doing more. Im praying families will come forward, to help raise awareness, money and yes, adopt. These children were made in Christs PERFECT image, they are here on this Earth for a reason and they deserve a chance. Im praying for BIG things to happen, will you join me? Will you pray daily for these children? Will you work on bringing awarness? Will you give up your life so that others have life? It's so worth it and it's rewards reach far beyond the physical ones here on Earth. God us me, God use us!!


Tara said...

I'm right there with ya! The burden seems crushing at times and I have trouble reconciling my heavy, hurting heart with my daily life. Trivial stuff seems to fade away in light of the incredible need.

Lacey said...

Oh thats my other baby girl I want.Her little face is just so sweet! If I would have seen her before Joy, I probably would have picked her. I want to get her home, yet I want her to be there in another year, and I'll go back for her!

Blessed with Boys said...

Lacey, I totally want her!! Her sweet face just melted my heart!! Is she at the same baby home as Joy? If so give her a hug from us!! Unfortunately, adopting a 3rd baby with DS is not necessarily something we are ready to do. But we are not in control of our lives and if we are called to her, we will go! Now we just wait and pray to see if God is calling us, or calling someone else!

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Left you a message on the group site. I requested to be Maeve's prayer warrior recently.

I have been praying over her (and several others) so hard lately.

I have only known about Reece's Rainbow for about 2.5 weeks, and I cannot stop visiting. I don't know what God has planned for our family yet, but I know He wants me to pray for these children.

I agree with everything you said in your post. I am praying for a "revival" of sorts in the Christian community. I pray everyone will step up in some way. These children deserve so much more than the life they are experiencing now.

I wanted you to know that I have been, and will continue to pray for Maeve and her future family. It makes my heart SO HAPPY to know that you are considering her! How amazing it would be to see one prayer request already filled!

Love and prayers,