Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a forced break

Well my faithful readers, I will be taking a short "forced" break from blogging. My WONDERFUL (piece of crap) computer has decided to stop working. This is the second computer to crap out on us in a 6 month time span. The we have someone looking at it to see if he can get it running again, until then I will not be able to post. I know, but just think of all the wonderful posts I will have once I make my return.

Real quickly I want to update you all that our Peewee is not 19lbs. We just switched him to a rear facing big boy car seat. He is scooting all over the place, I think crawling will be soon. Yikes. In 3 days he will be 11 months old AND I am working on getting his birthday party invites together. The theam will be "under the big top."

Please keep your blogging fingers crossed for a quick return of my Piece of crap computer!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

They are crossed! See ya soon hopefully!