Friday, February 13, 2009


He is my Mane Man! ha

He loves his bink!

Trying to stand up after eating.

I LOVE this picture.

Family picture!

Hanging out

His cute little feet.

First feeding with the thickener

daddy and peewee talking.
Looks like we are FINALLY getting out of here!! I will post again after rounds!


whatever to us said...

What an adorable little guy! Praying that today really is THE day and that your next post is from home...hugs!

whatever to us said...

Whoo-Hoo!!! Safe travels and welcome home a little early :)

Justin and Cortnie Lueders said...

Great News! Can't wait to see you guys again! I bet that's a sigh of relief to be back on your own turf.

Stephanie said...

YAAAAY!! I am so glad you are on your way (or perhaps your are already home) I hope you have the BEST Valentines day ever!!! Miss you, Love you guys!!!