Monday, August 2, 2010

"The plan"

Thank the Lord we finally have a "plan." Don't get to excited as "plans" in the PICU change from second to second. So here are the "plans."

Neurosurgery is not even sure if this is an infection we are battling. All the cultures have come back negative thus far. They are still treating him with antibiotics just in case. We are supposed to be moved out of the PICU tonight sometime and out to the floor. We will continue doing what we are doing tomorrow and then on Wed. he will have a repeat MRI/MRA (yes again we have to pray for no strokes). If the MRI shows no change or if the fluid has gotten less we will go home with PO antibiotics. If there is more fluid Malachi will be having brain surgery later this week.

The nurses at this hospital are amazing!! We seriously haven't had a bad one. I even got a chance to visit with a few, we met when Malachi was in for the stroke, last night after he fell asleep. It was like being welcomed home greeted with a hug and a smile. As much as I hate being here, hate that Malachi is going through this, I know this is where God wants us to be at this time. I have met a few families who are going through a lot right now, I continue to pray that God uses me and Malachi to touch their lives. Here in the PICU we can be a light for people going through some very dark days!! I am thankful for that!!

Lets see how long this "Plan" sticks!


Kristin said...

Wow - praying for not another surgery :)

Cammie Heflin said...


viv said...

its a bumpy road ! must be a dirt road hopefully it is baby smooth up ahead. thinking of you guys PICU is no fun.